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  • dual occupancy front clifton hill
    Additions to Dual Occupancy in Clifton Hill
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    Material palette altered thoughout
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    Material palette altered thoughout
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    Material palette altered thoughout
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    Main bathroom over garage
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    With open ensuite and robe
  • dual occupancy clifton hill
    Dual Occupancy addition ground plan
  • infill terracehouses front collingwood
    Infill terracehouses in an Heritage Overlay
  • infill terracehouses back collingwood
    With standing seam metal cladding
  • townhouse front, buckingham street richmond
    2 townhouses in Richmond. High impact, yet economical, finishes
  • townhouse living roombuckingham street richmond
    Long townhouse plan arranged into cosier living areas
  • townhouse spa pool, buckingham street richmond
    Small light court becomes a spa / plunge pool
  • townhouse family room, buckingham street richmond
    Separate living & family room areas
  • townhouse study, buckingham street richmond
    Study alcove tucked at the end
  • townhouse bedroom, buckingham street richmond
    Timber enlivens the interior     photos supplied by client
  • feasibility plan dual occupancy beside and behind house
    Dual Occupancy dwelling behind 50s house
  • feasibility plan small townhouses beside and behind house
    Feasibility plan small townhouses beside and behind house
  • townhouses, queen street richmond
    Townhouse behind a milk bar
  • townhouse kitchen, queen street richmond
    Budget-conscious kitchen enlivened by a red splashback
  • townhouses, bendigo street richmond
    Milkbar converted to townhouse    photos by alsoCAN
  • unit 1 burnley street richmond exterior
    4 units, 4 storey, 4 clients.
  • unit 1 burnley street richmond interior
    Each interior designed individually
  • kitchen, unit 1 burnley street richmond
    Unit 1 for the alsoCAN architects house & office
  • living room, unit 4 burnley street richmond
    Individually designed interior for unit 4
  • unit 4 burnley street richmond exterior
    Townhouse designed as a 3 bedroom family home
  • kitchen, unit 4 burnley street richmond
    Each client's tastes & requirements catered for
  • townhouse sketch design
    Townhouse concept sketch
  • family sized townhouse, 3 dimensional design
    8 townhouses individually designed for each family
  • family sized townhouse, ground plans
    8 townhouses, ground floor plans
  • family sized townhouse, first plans
    8 townhouses, first floor plans


Do you want to build a smaller house for yourself & one for your children, or looking to maximise resale value of your land? Then we are the best architects for you.

We excel at planning on tight sites & using solar design principles for light, bright, spacious-feeling townhouses. We are happy to look & give initial Planning advice.

We have townhouses on the drawing board in East Launceston with views down the hill & in Port Sorell with beach views.

alsoCAN architects designs townhouses for small developers & for families. We've designed from dual occupancies up to multi-storey apartment blocks on family properties; a mixture of family homes for our clients & units they can sell.

Our 4 storey residential development at 52 Burnley St, Richmond was Shortlisted for the Architecture Awards. 4 units, 4 storey; big townhouses, small footprint.

Yes, we like to maximize a site. It is our small contribution to halting the city sprawl.