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Our Melbourne architectural practice draws on over 20 years of experience in individually designed houses & larger scale residential, institutional & commercial projects in Melbourne, Singapore & Brisbane.

alsoCAN's architectural designs have been imagined, designed & drawn in 3 dimensions since the beginnings of BIM computer modelling in the 1990s. There is no disconnect between the spatial volumes of the design & the plans, elevations, sections all in the one 3-D model. For a lot of other architects this is a new way of thinking.

To broaden our design skills alsoCAN is a multi-disciplined studio. We keep learning so we can put more design into practice. So far, Architecture, can; Urban Design, can; Web Design, also can.

Jane McDougall

Masters of Multimedia Design, Monash University, 2004
Registered Architect in Victoria from 1996
Bachelor of Architecture (Honours), University of Melbourne, 1989

Jane's interest in improving communication between architect, client, planner & builders through excellence in computer aided design led to her design folio being accepted into the Masters of Multimedia Design course.

Jane maximises the potential of a site through 3-D design, by modelling Town Planning massing & setbacks, then negotiating with Planners for the best design outcome.

Computer generated perspectives from the 3-D model are also the best way of working up design options & imparting ideas. We can visualise the design together & fine tune it to your individual requirements & aesthetic.

David Beynon

PhD in Urban Design, University of Melbourne, 2002
Registered Architect in Victoria from 1995
Bachelor of Architecture (Honours), University of Melbourne, 1989

David's research feeds into alsoCAN's practice through designing for sustainability & a changing Melbourne.

David takes an active interest in architectural education & research, lecturing in Architectural Design & Australasian Architecture at Deakin University, and giving papers at architectural, cultural, digital & sustainability conferences. He completed a PhD concentrating on the architecture of immigrants & ethnic minorities in Australia.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Architect's Education Committee.

Dave & Sambit Datta won an Australian Research Grant to model Indian & South East Asian temples. Japanese contemporary 'superflat' architecture is another of his research obsessions. These studies give alsoCAN a knowledge base for multicultural Melbourne.