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alsoCAN projects often feature in newspapers when they are auctioned. We receive a lot of interest in our architectural designs when people can walk through them.

Innovative aspects of our residential designs have been discussed in architecture & planning articles.

Our penthouse in Richmond has been sold again. Sadly the owners made changes to make it more generic.

Not only is the unique design compromised, they probably didn't make a profit buying, renovating & selling. Their reserve was less than they bought it for.

The lap pool in the apartment design was featured in the Financial Review. The bathroom in the same apartment in The Weekly Review.

penthouse resale
Herald Sun March 16, 2016

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Weekly Review March 16, 2016

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The Australian Financial Review 28-30 Nov 2014

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The Age July 2010

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The Age 19 July 2000

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Financial Review Mar 2006

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The Age 13 May 2006

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The Age 24 Sept. 2003

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The Age Domain 2008

alsoCAN Pavilion design with Ground Control Landscape

warehouse architecture design
The Age 19 July 2000

new house architecture design
Herald Sun 1999

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Herald Sun Jan 1999