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anatomy of a logo

alsoCAN is Singlish; English with Malay grammar & words from the Singaporean melting pot. For yes, say "can". Add "can or not" to question. Done? "can already". Or to elaborate further on your brilliance at fulfilling any demands, "alsocan".

So we alsoCAN do that, can or not? It sums up how we thrive across wide-ranging disciplines.

alsoCAN's logo started life as a Chinese chop we designed; an artists's signature stamped in red ink. Fish & red bring luck & prosperity, and their fluidity have influenced our designs. Kate Beynon, artist, made a soft sculpture of the alsoCAN logo. It will be displayed in our new office in Launceston.

Wikipedia has pages describing Singaporean language, Singlish & Singapore-English, or you'll find this Singlish vocabulary / dictionary much more entertaining and descriptive.

stone lion chinese chop
alsocan architects logo base of chinese chop
alsocan architects logo stamped in red ink

alsoCAN chinese chop

alsocan architects logo by Kate Beynon, artist

art by Kate Beynon