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  • apartment development 3D view
    Apartment development
  • apartment development 3D view
    Apartment development
  • Modernist apartment 3D view
    The large modernist apartment
  • Study living room 3D view
    Study and open plan living room
  • pond 3D view
    Long pond and steel windows
  • Kitchen 3D view
    Kitchen in timber and concrete
  • Dining 3D view
    Stepping stone across pond from dining room
  • Front 3D view
    Further design development with midcentury modern inspired finishes
  • Stair over pond 3D view
    Concrete folded stair over pond
  • Back 3D view
    Deciding on finishes, timber cladding version
  • Back 3D view
    Deciding on finishes, metal cladding version
  • studio refurbishment perspective views
    Studio dwelling refurbishment
  • 3 storey residential addition plans, Port Melbourne
    3 storey addition at front, retaining family room at back
  • 3 storey residential addition front perspective
    Timber slatted facade
  • 3 storey residential addition side perspective
    Steep pitched pergola over roof deck
  • previous additions to warehouse conversion
    Warehouse home conversion plans
  • warehouse conversion plans
    Warehouse alterations, playing with levels
  • warehouse conversion sections
    Overlapping storage areas, study & bed nooks for the kids

under construction

We have town planning and building permits for our 2 townhouses in Collingwood and our apartment development in Glen Huntly. The townhouses in Collingwood, wegot a planning permit to demolish a workers cottage in a heritage area without going to VCAT. The apartment development is one large family home with guest suite for our client and two large 3 bedroom townhouse-style dwellings to sell. Construction will start soon.

Our 3 storey addition to a house in Port Melbourne is shaping up. As innercity density is increasing, 3 storey is becoming more common. It is quite exciting seeing the curved corridors and steeply pitched living room being framed up.

A second wave of renovations is going on. Now family room additions at the back are being kept & we're designing new fronts. One of them is a 2 storey addition with a graphic design studio above the bedrooms. We're translating our client's Pantone colours into paint colours.

We've projects finished construction; a poptop 2nd storey addition to a house in a heritage area, a courtyard house, a studio dwelling over a garage & alterations to a warehouse conversion we did years ago for our client's growing family. The alterations are a jewelbox of overlapping storage areas, study & kids' bed nooks.