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  • construction of apartments
    3 large apartments under construction
  • construction of apartment
    future living room
  • construction concrete stair
    future staircase over pond
  • construction concrete stepping stones
    concrete stepping stones
  • brick demolition
    demolition unsafe internal single skin brick walls
  • brick underpinning
    underpinning badly cracked brick walls
  • wall propping
    temporary propping existing walls
  • back gone
    before the concrete slab pour
  • frame
    Garden City heritage side brick wall

under construction

We have 2 townhouses in Collingwood & our apartment development in Glen Huntly under construction.

For the townhouses in Collingwood, we received a planning permit to demolish a workers cottage in a heritage area without having to appeal.

The apartment development is one large family home with guest suite for our client, a builder/developer, & two large 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse-style dwellings to sell.

He bought a job lot of windows from a failed development so we redesigned to include those. When working with builders on their own projects, design can be fluid.

Underpinning badly cracked walls in Richmond completed. Bond Building Group will soon start on the 2 storey addition plus roof deck. Looking forward to seeing the variagated dark to light brick walls going up.

Other additions in Heritage areas are underway; in Richmond demolition has started & an addition visible from the street in Garden City features the existing side brick wall.